Kürbishof Koller

100 % Pure Pumpkin seed oil from the Steirmark Austria

From controled land production our Pumpkins and seeds are produced and prepared in the traditional way.

This produces a gentle fragrant and slightly nuty taste that distinguishes our products, you simply taste the difference.


Bottled in light protecting materials.1 Liter, 0.5 Liter or 0.25 Liter

Tin Canned 1 Liter, 0.5 Liter or 0.25 liter

Koller's Gift miniture 0.1 Liter

styrian pumpkinseeds

Plain or Roasted and Salted. Packed in Paper or Sealed in Cellophane.  Roasted to Order only so always absulutly fresh.

Plain: 100 g and 250 g

Roasted: 80 g and 200 g

Refined: Chocolate Orange, Chocolate- Chili, Chocolate- Red wine, Chocolate-Mint, Cinnamon-vanila : 80 g 

Pumpkin Pesto

"The Original"  Produced in small quanties by Hand, Using Pumpkin seeds, Seed Oil, Mature Cheese, Parsley and Sea Salt.

No other ingreadients or chemicals.  for use in Soups,Sources and as a spread

100 g or 300 g with recipe page. 

Pumpkin Chutney

Our Pumpkin chutney perfect with grilled meat or almost anything.

Ingreadients: Pumpkin (80%) Sugar, Wine Vinegar,Garlic,Chilli, Soya, Wheat and Spices.

190 g

Pumpkin Sweet and Sour

Our Sweet and Sour Pumpkin is perfect with Hams and lots else.

Ingreadients: Pumpkin, Water, Wine Vinegar, Brown Sugar and Spices.

180 g

Pumpkin Confiture

Ingreadients: Pumpkin, Sugar, Pectin, Pumpkin Seeds, Lemon Juice,Ginger. 55 g Pumpkin per 100 g  max Sugar 35 g per 100 g.

100 g and 190 g

miniture baby pumpkins in honey harinade

Our Miniture Baby Pumpkins in Honey Marinade perfect as an appertiser.

Ingreadients: Pumpkins Herb Vinegar, Water, Honey, Lemon Juice.

200 g 



Our pumpkin seed mustard tastes wonderful in combination with grilled and also for snacks. It convinces with its light sweetness, its tender spiciness and the light bite of the pumpkin seeds.

Ingredients: water, mustard seed, pumpkin seeds (7%), pumpkin seed oil (7%), sugar, salt, herbs, sweetener saccharin, coloring E101

180 g

Trufel Pumpkin Schmalz (Dripping)

Finest Pork fat Dripping, Chopped Pumpkin Seed, Black Truffel, Truffel Oil and Spices

Perfect on Black Rye Bread.

90 g

Pumpkin Seed Dripping

Finest Pork Dripping, Pumpkin seeds, Steirisches Pumpkin seed Oil, Spices

Perfect on Fresh Black Rye Bread.

90 g

Trufel Dripping

Finest Pork Dripping, Trufel Oil, Black Trufel, Spices.

Perfect on Fresh Black Rye Bread

90 g

Chilli Pumpkin Dripping

Finest Pork Dripping,  Ground Pumpkin seed, Chilli powder, Spices

Perfect on Fresh Black Rye Bread

90 g

handmade pumpkin noodles

Ingreadients: Wheat Semolina, Pumpkin,. (made without eggs.)

With Recipe Hints on packeging.

350 g

styrian beetle beans

Typical Styrian!
With onions, vinegar and our pumpkinseedoil as a salat an absolute favorite among the styrian specialities.
500 g




for coffee and tea



is for coffee and tea


for dipping with our lard with pumpkin or fresh cheese


for dipping with our lard or fresh cheese


pumpkinseed brandy

Alc. 40 % vol. The Original !

Pumpkin Seed Nut Taste

0.5 Ltr (Stone ware Flask)

0,2 Ltr (Stone ware Flask)

4 cl (glass miniture)

2 cl (glass miniture)

pumpkinseed liqueur

(Dripping) Delikatessen 3 Gift Box

Fine Transparant Gift Box Filled with 3  Dripping Delikates : your choice.

Trufel Pumpkin Dripping

Pumpkin seed Dripping

Chili Pumpkin Dripping

Trufel Dripping

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