Kürbishof Koller

Why is the Steirischen Punmpkin seed Oil so special

"Pumpkin seed oil is not always the same."

What is the Difference ?

           The Pumpkin - "Our Koller Pumpkin" is the Steirische Ölkürbiss (Cucurbita pepo styriaca) which is a special skinless seed sort               that produces a skinless seed.

           The Soil - As with wine the soil and conditions under which pumpkins are grown is an important factor for quality and taste

            influenced through soil minerals and amounts of rainfall at the time of rippening.

            Production - Traditional methods are used - The seeds are first roasted prior to pressing, the time and temperatur being critical 

            and influence the taste, the pressing of the seed takes place only once and other oil types are not mixed into the end product.

           The End Product - A thick sirup like oil , dark green with gentle red tint, Oil with an agreeable nut aroma and taste.

 Quality and Quantity are as difficult to combine as Quality and cheap prices.  Plants require care, attention and time, good products require dedication and commitment.  At the end is a product that is convincing in all aspects. "This is the Difference"  


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